Collection: Home & Garden

Introducing our Poterie de Gourdon collection! Step into the serene landscapes of Gourdon, a charming village in Provence, and discover the artistic haven of La Poterie de Gourdon. Founded by the spiritually inclined couple, Chérif and Rachel, this pottery shop is a reflection of their journey towards harmony with nature and a tribute to the beauty of a simple life.

A rustic retreat perched on a mountaintop overlooking the valleys, Gourdon offers a backdrop of old-world charm that enchants every visitor. Cobblestone streets wind through centuries-old buildings, making it an idyllic retreat for those seeking solace from the urban hustle.

Each creation in this collection captures Provence's beauty, hand-painted and molded by artists who call the South of France home. With every brushstroke and contour of clay, skilled artisans infuse their work with their soul, bringing the heart of Provence to life.

Image: Chérif and Rachel outside their shop in Gourdon.