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Mini Ceramic Cicada Magnet

Mini Ceramic Cicada Magnet

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Our mini ceramic cicada magnets are an adorable, hand painted blend of art and Southern French tradition cherished by both adults and children alike. These unique magnets pay homage to the iconic cicada, fondly known as "la cigale" in French, celebrated for its cultural significance in Provence.

Symbolizing the joyful arrival of summer, the cicada holds a special place in the hearts of Provencal locals. Our ceramic cicada magnets capture this essence, adorning your fridge, office board, or any magnetic surface with a touch of Southern France. Each one, handpainted by skilled artisans, measures just 5cm, making them perfect for adding a bit of whimsy to your space. Connect with the rich heritage of Provence, and don't be surprised when these little charms become a favorite of both kids and adults in your life. It's a beautiful reminder to embrace life's simple pleasures and the warmth of the South of France.

Size: 2 inches

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