Step into the enchanting world of Ça et Là, where a captivating love story unfolds amidst the charming backdrop of the French Riviera. Founded by an adorable duo, Kentucky native Cassandra Alexander and her Nissart partner Laurent Farina, Ça et Là was conceived as a testament to their Franco-American bond. What began as a shared passion blossomed into a delightful café and boutique, a haven of Southern French imports that radiates heartwarming vibes to all who step through its doors.

Nestled at the crossroads of their romance, Ça et Là brings you a slice of their story through meticulously curated goods. A cozy café and wine bar harmoniously complement a charming selection of French imports, inviting you to bask in the allure of Southern France. As a cherished part of the community, Ça et Là is dedicated to providing a haven where connections flourish over the finest imported wines and goods, all offered at affordable prices. With a knowledgeable and skilled team, Ça et Là is committed to transforming the import/export experience into a heartfelt journey of discovery and camaraderie.

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