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Tarot Magic of Marseille Bracelets

Tarot Magic of Marseille Bracelets

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Embark on a journey through the mystic origins of Tarot, where divination took root and flourished in Marseille, France. Our Tarot Bracelets, available in luxurious gold or vibrant color, pay homage to this ancient practice. Each bracelet captures the essence of Tarot symbolism, offering a wearable portal to the intriguing world of divination.

Available Bracelets:
The Sun: Radiate positivity and vitality with The Sun card, a symbol of warmth and life.
The Moon: Embrace mystery and cycles with The Moon, reflecting the ebb and flow of life's intricate dance.
The Star: Illuminate your path with The Star, guiding you with celestial wisdom and hope.
The Lovers: Explore the delicate dance of connection and choices, embodied by The Lovers card.
Death: Embrace transformation and renewal with the positive aspects of Death, signifying rebirth.
The World: Symbolizing completion and fulfillment, The World card invites you to embrace the totality of your journey, representing unity and accomplishment.

Size of Charms:
Color: 1 inch
Gold: 0.8 inch

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