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Glass Bottle Liquid Marseille Soap - Lavender Savon Liquide de Marseille

Glass Bottle Liquid Marseille Soap - Lavender Savon Liquide de Marseille

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Iconic refillable glass liquid soap dispenser. 

Made from vegetable oils, this superfatted liquid soap is cooked in a cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseille.

✔️ 97% naturally-sourced ingredients
✔️ Traditional manufacturing of Marseille
✔️ Refillable glass bottle
✔️ 100% recycled and recyclable
✔️ Vegan Friendly
✔️ Made in France
✔️ Dermatologically tested



This small blue flower, the soul of Haute Provence according to Giono, is distinguished by its unique, flowery and embalming scent. Discovered in Persia in ancient times, lavender grows today throughout Provence. Bathing the hills and plateaus illuminated by a deep blue sun, it embalms Mistral and Tramontane with all its freshness. Its well-being and serenity fragrance is very efficient as an anti-stress to regain relaxation and peace.

Thanks to its specific action on the nervous system, it also helps to reduce fluster, head ache and sleeplessness. The well-being touch: Strengthens the balance and wellness, regulates the nervous system anxiety. The beauty touch: It helps to heal and balance the production sebum and to improve the skin radiance.



Queen of vegetal oils, coconut oil is 90% fatty acid, but also vitamin E, vitamin K and iron. Cold pressed in this savon de marseille liquid soap, its cleansing and hydrating virtues confers it protective and nourishing properties, and also helps against aging skin. 100% natural, it leaves the skin softened, hydrated and deeply nourished.



Tested under dermatological control, this lavender liquid soap gently cleanses while preserving the natural balance of the skin. Made from 100% vegetal oils, this lavender hand soap is made in cauldrons following the purest savon de Marseille tradition. 97% of the total ingredients are from natural origin. 

Its onctuous foam cleanse while leaving your hands soft. Its Lavender unique fragrance created by master perfumers in Grasse, leaves a delicate and floral scent on hands making it one of the best smelling hand soap. The ancestral saponification process of this luxury hand soap preserves your hands from dryness while cleansing them gently.

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