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Exfoliating Liquid Marseille Soap - Honey Savon Liquide de Marseille

Exfoliating Liquid Marseille Soap - Honey Savon Liquide de Marseille

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Cooked in a cauldron in the purest tradition of Marseille, this superfatted liquid soap enriched with pumice stone gently cleanses the skin and guarantees a delicate exfoliation every day.

✔️ 97% naturally-sourced ingredients
✔️ Traditional manufacturing of Marseille
✔️ 100% recycled and recyclable plastic bottle
✔️ Vegan Friendly
✔️ French liquid hand soap
✔️ Dermatologically tested



Regenerating - Thanks to its high sugar content, honey retains water molecules in the cells, boosts hydration and prevents drying out. The skin is better protected against external aggressions. Enriched with minerals and vitamins, honey is an exceptional active ingredient with nourishing and regenerating properties.



Protective - From the dry pulp of the coconut, this oil, rich in lauric acid, is traditionally used in soaps for its foaming and cleaning power. Its fatty acid content makes it a highly valued ingredient for its softening, emollient and protective properties. 

Deodorized, coconut oil is a good alternative to virgin coconut oil with its strong smell.



The exfoliating liquid soap is naturally rich in moisturizing glycerin from the traditional saponification process in the cauldron of master soap makers. The mechanical action of the pumice stone allows a natural exfoliation, without synthetic microballs, for a soft and clean skin, rid of impurities and dead cells. 

Without sulfated surfactant. Dermatologically tested. Formula composed of 97% of ingredients of natural origin. 


Moisturizing Resulting from the traditional saponification process in the cauldron, glycerin is naturally present in our Liquide Marseille Soaps. Able to retain up to 25% of its weight in water, it acts as a water reservoir for the skin and is thus an excellent moisturizing agent. It is also recognized for its emollient and protective properties.

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