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Ceramic Cicada Wall Ornament 6.7"

Ceramic Cicada Wall Ornament 6.7"

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Transform your modern minimalist home with our geometric, ceramic cicada wall ornament. This striking piece of art blends contemporary design with natural inspiration, making it a perfect addition to any space. Its clean lines and geometric elegance bring sophistication to your decor, while its gunmetal gray metallic shine adds a touch of modern charm. Perfect for those seeking a stylish yet minimalistic aesthetic.

Our ceramic Cicadas (known as "les cigales" in french) are one-of-a-kind pieces handmade in the South of France. The cicada is a cherished symbol of the French Riviera, honored as a heavenly messenger of music and joy. Embrace its divine meaning of spiritual realization, resurrection, and immortality and bring the blessed cicada into your home to evoke the blissful spirit of summertime.

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