Collection: Handbags

Welcome to the Muse de Provence collection, your gateway to a world of uniquely handcrafted tote bags, a true embodiment of French allure. Our artisanal creations redefine the ordinary, with double-sided tote bags that effortlessly transform – a stylish statement flipped with a simple, ingenious gesture.

Discover an array of models tailored to your preferences: from the timeless chic tote and reversible designs to the understated bucket bag, versatile shoulder bag, and spacious XXL beach companion. Each piece boasts meticulous craftsmanship and an unmistakable charm, handwoven with love in every thread.

Muse de Provence invites you to explore an enchanting realm where style, function, and the spirit of Provencal artistry unite, celebrating the finesse of craftsmanship in every bag we offer.