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Sleeping Chauve Souris Ceramic Bat 5.7" with Swarovski Eyes

Sleeping Chauve Souris Ceramic Bat 5.7" with Swarovski Eyes

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Discover the enchanting allure of our handcrafted ceramic bats, a captivating addition to your home that blends the quaint charm of Provencal craftsmanship with a touch of opulent whimsy. Each bat is meticulously sculpted by the talented artisans of Provence, embodying the region's rich heritage and artistic legacy.

What sets these ceramic creations apart are their gleaming eyes (not featured in photograph), adorned with authentic Swarovski crystals, that catch the light and bring each piece to life with a mesmerizing sparkle. Their delicate hand-painted bodies boast an exquisite array of colors and patterns, making every bat a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Designed to be displayed in an upside-down pose, these ceramic bats offer a playful yet sophisticated touch to any room. Whether hanging from the ceiling or perched on a wall, they add an unexpected pop of color and uniqueness, inviting intrigue and conversation.

Invite the beauty and mystique of Provence into your home with these exquisite ceramic bats, where art meets enchantment in every detail.

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